Understanding the CMCA record-keeping process

Dec 13 2013 - CMCA Updates

Q: Why do I have to file two reports per year? Isn’t only one of them being audited?

It is important to establish an efficient record-keeping routine in order to effectively monitor your circulation patterns. This will help to simplify the filing process and allow you to submit reports in an accurate and timely manner. Maintaining your record-keeping on a regular basis will save you from being overwhelmed later

Every time you publish an issue, take a few minutes to record your circulation data for that issue. Fill out the appropriate CMCA circulation forms, recording your mail subscriptions, circulation figures, carriers, dealers and distributors, and to gather your receipts and other supporting documents. Doing this regularly enables you to keep your records up to date and manageable, and to file accurate and timely reports.

Have a central location in which to file receipts, statements, forms, and other supporting documentation. Keep press run certificates and records of all distribution of your publication, from subscriptions and dealer sales to counter sales and complimentary copies.

CMCA members file two circulation reports per year, i.e., every six months, and both reports are examined during the annual audit. Filing at six-month intervals enables both you and CMCA to more effectively monitor your circulation patterns, and to note any changes or fluctuations.

Completing a six-month report is as simple as transferring the totals from the forms that you completed throughout the period. For every six-month report submission,  a six-month statement from CMCA office is issued to the publications. The 12-month audit is performed on the full 12 months’ worth of data.

If you use circulation software, you can simplify the process by generating your completed forms and reports directly. Contact the CMCA office audit@newspaperscanada.ca when you are setting up your software reports to verify that they comply with CMCA rules.

Do you have any questions about CMCA? Send them to audit@newspaperscanada.ca and they will be featured in the CMCA Bulletin.

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