CMCA Policy Updates

Oct 28 2014 - สมัครsbobet ฟรีCMCA Updates

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association approved a series of recommendations by the CMCA committee on new policies and rate cards below on October 22, 2014.  

1. Electronic Editions

The policy for electronic editions has been updated to include the following definition:

1.1 An electronic edition may be included in a publisher’s circulation statement even if it’s not the exact digital replica of the print edition as long as the electronic edition has the same name/logo as the print edition and the content is consistent in nature with the print edition. The electronic edition may or may not contain the same editorial and advertising content. The publication shall make available the electronic edition and a copy of the print edition for review.

1.2 Electronic Edition Site License may be reported under electronic copies. Electronic Edition Site License is a contract or agreement between the publication and the company / organization / association /educational institution to provide multiple individuals access to an electronic edition of the publication hosted on the subscribing organization’s computer network. Exact number of licenses must be stated in the agreement.

  • Paid site licences must comply with the definition of paid circulation.

  • The publication shall disclose the number of authorized site licences as part of the site licence agreement.

A subscription to both the print and electronic editions shall be counted as one subscription.

2. Audit frequency for newspapers with average circulation of less than 25,000 copies

Newspapers with an average circulation of less than 25,000 copies have the option of being audited every 2 years, with those greater than 25,000 copies, to be audited annually.

CMCA members will continue to submit 2 six-month reports per year. For every six-month report submission, a CMCA publisher’s statement will be issued to the publication bearing the phrase “Subject to Audit”. An audit will then be performed by the CMCA Auditor or a third-party Chartered Accountant at the end of the 2 year reporting cycle. CMCA will issue an audited report covering the 2-year reporting period.  

3. Reporting for zoned publications and publications with multiple editions

A consolidated report for zoned publications and publications with multiple editions is now available. The report will show the paid and controlled circulation figures of different zones and multiple editions.

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